Perks of Being a G.I.R.L

10 Experiences Girl Scout Volunteers Have Had

Breaking News! Girl Scouts is a volunteer led organization! OK, so you probably already knew that, but did you know there are actual perks to being an adult member of Girl Scouts! That's right! We help adults gain valuable skills, friendships, and even build résumés alongside their daughters. Spoiler alert- our network includes a ton… Continue reading 10 Experiences Girl Scout Volunteers Have Had


Gold Girl Highlights pt. 2

As daisies, girls learn our Girl Scout promise and law, committing both to memory. The second to last line of the law says "{I will do my best} to make the world a better place." Whether their passion is education, equality, or the environment, Gold Girls never fail to inspire others through the amazing work they have… Continue reading Gold Girl Highlights pt. 2