On my honor, I will … be part of her Girl Scout adventure!

Girl Scouting is powerful. It’s even more powerful when the family plays a role in a girl’s Girl Scouting experience.

Family engagement can take on many forms like participating in meetings or signing up for additional volunteer responsibilities with your girl’s troop. However, it could also mean simply gaining an understanding of what the troop is focused on and extending those lessons throughout the week in her day-to-day life. Here are some ways you can integrate her Girl Scout experience at home.


Talk the talk

Take time to ask about what she’s doing in Girl Scouts and what she’s learned. Choose one or two things your girl learned about while earning her most recent badge or award and ask her to explain them to you. Letting her share her knowledge as an “expert” will both help cement these new ideas in her memory and give her a sense of pride. Ask yourself — are there other activities or outings we could do with our family that will help my girl continue to learn more about the things she’s liked most?

Create community

If your girl is too young to articulate what’s happening in troop meetings, consider asking your girl’s troop leader for inputs. Your troop leaders will keep you up to date on troop projects and activities via social media, email, and in-person chats. Don’t be shy about being a part of those conversations, chiming in with ideas, or asking questions or airing concerns if any should arise. After all, communication goes both ways! Likewise, getting to know the parents and caregivers of the other girls can help strengthen the troop — and you’ll make new community connections in the process!

Walk the walk

As you get to know the troop volunteers and as fits your schedule, talk to troop leaders about getting involved in the troop — that could mean leading a badge activity for the troop or chaperoning a troop field trip or campout. One of the best ways to help your girl gain leadership skills is by modeling them for her yourself as a troop volunteer. Watching you take on a leadership role — and becoming a role model to the other girls in the troop — will motivate her to take the lead, too. Don’t be surprised if when her Girl Scout friends start to admire and appreciate you, she sees you in a whole different light! Plus, getting involved gives you something special that you’re part of together, which in our busy lives, is worth its weight in gold.


The men in her life

While Girl Scouting is often perceived as a female-only activity, men are encouraged to participate in Girl Scouting as girl advocates, volunteers, mentors, and leaders, too! Girls benefit from knowing all the important people in her life support her in her journey.

Beyond troop meetings and activities, Girl Scouts of Central Texas offers many more opportunities for you to engage in Girl Scouts along with your girl. Check the Event Calendar for friends and family events, or sign up to attend a program with your girl and learn along beside her.

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