A New STEM Badge for Every Girl in Your Troop

By: Dr. Laura Terrill 

Hello 2019-2020 Girl Scouts!

It’s getting to be that time of year again… back to troop time!  What topics will your girls choose to explore this year? As the STEM Program Manager here at GSCTX, I would encourage you and your girls to take a look at our STEM badges & journeys (I admit, I might be a little biased!).  But I’m so proud of the fantastic portfolio of STEM badges and journeys that Girl Scouts has created that I’ve just gotta’ sing it out!

Let’s see how your girls’ interests map on to our badges & journeys:

  • Are your girls interested in the idea of contributing to real scientific research… take a look at the CITIZEN SCIENCE journey
  • Perhaps, learning about Earth’s place in the universe is more their style… take a look at the SPACE SCIENCE badges
  • Maybe your girls love to tinker and put things together … try the MECHANICAL ENGINEERING badges
  • I know! Your girls think robots are going to take over the world… try the ROBOTICS badges
  • No, no, no, know I’ve got it, your girls are border-line obsessed with social media…teach them how to stay safe online with the CYBERSECURITY badges (also check out our Google Fiber Digital Upstander council patch!)
  • Your girls say, “No, I’m not obsessed with my phone. I’m learning valuable 21st century skills so that I can change the world”… try the CODING FOR GOOD badges and THINK LIKE A PROGRAMMER journey.

In each of these badges, girls will learn by doing, work together to get things done, and have a lot of fun!  Take a look at all the Girl Scout programming available to you and check out all of the new material in the Volunteer Tool Kit.

Follow along on our Facebook and Instagram, as we take a deeper look at each on of these exciting new badges. And, if you complete a badge or journey with your troop, we want to hear about it!

Go forth and explore!

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