Father’s Day: Man Enough To Be A Girl Scout

There’s something special about a father-daughter relationship that enriches a girl’s life. What better way to spend valuable time with your daughter than through Girl Scouts activities? You might be surprised to see how much you learn from the girls and how much you enjoy being a part of their Girl Scout journey. Some of our dad volunteers really enjoy bestowing their knowledge of camping and fishing, or simply spiking their Girl Scout’s interest in STEM careers. The possibilities are endless in Girl Scouts and here are some dad’s stories about why they volunteer and what they’ve been able to take away from participating as a volunteer.


Kory Owens, Bryan/College Station Troop 9185 Co-leader

“I have volunteered in 2 different girl scout troops and have grown with my daughter from her time as a Daisy to Junior status. The amount of pride I feel being able to see her grow, learn, have fun, and experience so many things with Girl Scouts cannot be overstated. As a troop leader, a level leader, a cookie coordinator, and a father, I absolutely cherish the moments I get to create and enjoy, not only with my family but with numerous families and their Girl Scouts, too.”


Joel Bergh, Southern Oaks Service Unit Director

“My wife and I have two Girl Scouts, a Cadette and a Brownie. Girl Scouts, with their commitment to STEM and their emphasis on diversity, is an amazing organization and I love watching my children grow because of it. They have fantastic troop leaders that really encourage everyone to learn leadership skills. My favorite time is cookie season. It is crazy but I stand behind my daughters at every booth they work. Those two hours are amazing; I get to know her friends and their families better and I get to watch her work hard to achieve her goals. Our kids grow up so fast that I will take those cookie booth spots, because that allows me time with my children where we can talk and grow our relationship.”


Jeff Roberts, Westlake Service Unit Director and Troop 02019 Leader

“As a former day care provider and elementary school teacher, I was accustomed to working in environments in which men were the minority. About eight years ago, while on an outing to Wild Basin preserve with my eldest daughter, I really enjoyed the time spent with the girls, but I also sensed some flagging energy and enthusiasm on the part of the co-leaders. I asked if I might be of some service to the troop and, next thing I know, I’m a troop leader! Ultimately, no matter how many girls we have or which age groups they span, I always come back to the motto that caught my eye many years ago. “Building Girls of Courage, Confidence and Character.”


Ben Leggett, Southern Oaks Troop 158 Leader

“Why I do what I do: it’s the girls and all the fun it brings me. Taking the girls places and seeing their faces light up when they experience new things. Always having people around. The community Girl Scouts fosters. I do it because I love it. I’m writing this as we, part of my Girl Scout troop, walk down a street in a suburb north of Rome, Italy. I never dreamed I could go to Rome. The experiences and adventures I’ve had with/because of Girl Scouts are some of the best of my life. They were made possible by Girl Scouts and made extraordinary by the girls. Girl Scouts is so much more than just crafts. Girl Scouts is campouts, man in my life dances, and World Thinking Day. Volunteer! Volunteer for everything you can and experience all that Girl Scouts has to offer.”

Whether it’s volunteering to lead a troop or volunteering for a cookie booth. You’ll share an unforgettable experience with your daughter. You’ll also be surprised what you can learn about yourself. There’s nothing better than seeing a girl reach her goals and knowing that you are part of her journey. To learn more about becoming a volunteer visit www.gsctx.org/volunteer.

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